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Proceedings of the 11th International Scientific and Technical Conference
"Advanced Metal Materials and Technologies (AMMT'2015)"
(June 23-27, 2015, St. Petersburg, Russia)

  1. .I. Rudskoy, G.E. Kodzhaspirov, J. Kliber, Ch. Apostolopoulos
    Advanced metallic materials and processes
    pages 1-8
    abstract    paper: pdf  (1216 Kb)
  2. B.-A. Behrens, A. Bouguecha, Milan Vucetic, I. Peshekhodov, M. Kazhai, S. Ganin, M. Matveev
    Physical simulation of precipitation hardened ferrite-pearlite steels during hot deformation processing
    pages 9-15
    abstract    paper: pdf  (1248 Kb)
  3. J. Klíber
    Dissipation of energy and instability process in various alloys based on plastometric tests
    pages 16-21
    abstract    paper: pdf  (1536 Kb)
  4. Alk. Apostolopoulos, T. Matikas, G. Kodzhaspirov
    Structural integrity of steel bar under seismic loads
    pages 22-29
    abstract    paper: pdf  (1744 Kb)
  5. A.N. Skvortsova, K.A. Lycheva, A.A. Voznyakovskii, T.S. Koltsova, T.V. Larionova
    Strengthening mechanisms and properties of composite materials with carbon nanofibres
    pages 30-36
    abstract    paper: pdf  (1616 Kb)
  6. .I. rpov, V.P. rzhov, D.V. Prokhorov
    Preparation and characteristics heat-resistant composites with high specific strength developing
    pages 37-41
    abstract    paper: pdf  (1328 Kb)
  7. G. Salishchev, S. Mironov, S. Zherebtsov, A. Belyakov
    Effect of deformation on misorientations of grain boundaries in metallic materials
    pages 42-48
    abstract    paper: pdf  (1536 Kb)
  8. G.E. Kodzhaspirov, D.A. Kitaeva, Ya.I. Rudaev, E.A. Subbotina
    Task of longitudinal rolling procedure of aluminum sheet under superplasticity conditions
    pages 49-55
    abstract    paper: pdf  (1424 Kb)
  9. S.Yu. Kondrat'ev, M.D. Fuks, G.P. Anastasiadi, A.V. Ptashnik, E.V. Sviatysheva
    Assissment of operability of the heat resisting HP40Nb at overheats to 1150 C
    pages 56-61
    abstract    paper: pdf  (1440 Kb)
  10. A.M. Glezer, I.E. Permyakova, V.A. Feodorov
    Features of cracks formation in the laser treatment zone of amorphous alloys
    pages 62-67
    abstract    paper: pdf  (1360 Kb)
  11. V.N. Tsemenko, S.V. Ganin, D.V. Phuc
    Research and simulation of the deformation process of dispersion-hardened powder in a capsule
    pages 68-76
    abstract    paper: pdf  (2032 Kb)
  12. G.I. Raab, V.G. Shibakov, A.G. Raab
    Promising methods of SPD to obtain nanostructures metallic materials
    pages 77-82
    abstract    paper: pdf  (1584 Kb)
  13. I.S. Zheltyakova, M.I. Karpov, V.P. Korzhov
    Features of microstructure and mechanical characteristics of a laminated composite with high specific strength and moderate heat resistance
    pages 83-89
    abstract    paper: pdf  (1520 Kb)

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